The days of walking to the store to buy groceries or taking extended trips to the mall to purchase the latest articles of clothing are over. With the internet revolutionizing the very way we we do things, our groceries are delivered right to our door, and our clothes are sent immediately by drones.


From Grumpy Cat, Charlie bit me, to the thousands of memes floating around the internet, Social Media is the platform for individuals to brand themselves. Social Media offers musicians, models, artists, and satirical humored individuals a place to gain exposure through doing what they do best, be themselves.


While social media offers large businesses a chance to promote their business, it also offers sole individuals unfathomable opportunities. People of all trades and skill sets are given a stage where that can display their talents, creativity, and unique sense of humour for the world to see.
Social media offers musicians, writers, book reviewers, fashion forward individuals, new found success, fans, endorsements, and a chance to brand themselves


Social Media is home to people of all interests, and hobbies. Picking the right niche(s) to appeal to is the razors edge, the very key to either earning average sales or tremendous profits.
Punk Rock Fashion? Mystery Books? Or Punk Rock Mystery Fashion? What is your niche? What sets you apart from the crowd?
Just as any person looking to get into the search engine business would have absolutely no chance, since Google and Yahoo! dominate that market, your niche must not be overpopulated, or oversaturated, it must be an untapped market. When choosing a niche you should aim to be at the top 30%.


To create a large demand for your small business, or personal brand, you must appeal to a specific group of people, or niche. A niche is what sets you apart, and draws interest and positive attention to you. In determining your set niche, you must ask yourself, “what are my interests?” “what are my eccentric hobbies?” “what unique items do I collect? “how can I create a unique blend of two or more of your interests and hobbies?
More often, the more unique the niche, the better, so dont be afraid to think outside the box. There is a market for every imaginable niche.


For an upstart mens boutique looking to promote and sell mens health and cosmetic products, an effective approach would be to decide on a target market i.e surban city males in their mid to late 20s looking to attract potential dates. To secure a presence into the market, the boutique owner could send free products to the most credible and most revered mens fashion and health product reviewers on YouTube, Instagram , and other leading social media sites, requesting posts, videos, and positive feedback on their products, which then leads to subscribers and followers purchasing new products.


Giveaways are by far one of the most effective marketing tools. We have all liked that facebook post, or followed that instagram account, as a attempt to win a free giveaway. Free giveaways i.e 1000th follower gets a FREE iPhone, promote draws positive attention, and leads to potential customers.


In case you have no real products to sell, yet have a considerably large following on several social media sites, you have potential to earn a substantial amount of money in assisting other companies sell their products.
You will be surprised to find out that companies and brand are ceaselessly looking for more exposure and are seeking new business, and would eagerly pay affiliates with large social media followings a profitable percentage to promote their products.
Take for example an account with over 15,000 twitter followers decides to become affiliate for a sportswear company. She post a series of tweets as well as an affiliated links to the companies products. Out of her 15,000 followers, 5000 click the link, and 1275 buy a over $30 worth of sportswear products in a span of a month, as part of her affiliate contract, she is entitled to 25% of the profits, which nets her a whopping income of over $9000 in a single month.


Having a lucrative social media account is not by any means a walk in the park. It is a gradual process that requires tremendous effort, persistence, patience, and ceaseless experimenting of ideas, and products. However, once developed a social media marketer can gain unfathomable fame and fortune

Many of us remember what it was like as a kid when other kids would bully us. The Internet has truly become a place where cyber bullying has become a huge wake up call. Just like when we see something that is wrong someone immediately reports it. It is important that we do something as soon as we become aware of any type of cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying has truly become a huge global movement that consist of many people that have taken it in their own hands to make a positive change in any capacity that they can. Unfortunately, there is a trend that is going on with kids that have been bullied once it usually happens to them a second time. Positive and negative things happen all the time to all of us. However, for kids the negativity that goes on during social media is growing at an exponential rate.

Facebook feeds should always promote a positive vibe and ever since social media came into existence the Internet has indeed given a platform for the most common form of communication. As we all use our cell phones daily statistics have shown that 80% of teenagers use their cell phone on a daily basis throughout the day and night. If you ever happen to have the opportunity to sit down with a teenager and ask them do they think cyber bullying is a nationwide epidemic they most certainly will tell you yes. Teens understand the damage that it causes to self-esteem, moral, and also how other teens treat each other. Back in the day in person bullying was the thing young people were engaging in but now it has turned it’s back on that and strictly preferred to bully online.

Although person to person bullying still exists, cyber bullying still comes out on top. When dealing with cyber bullying it is important that we do not ignore it. If we see or allow our teens to engage in this type of behavior we are only feeding the bad behavior. One who falls victim to this type of negative treatment needs to trust a person if they are going to report it to them.

We often wonder if girls or boys get hit the most with this behavior. The answer is unfortunately girls as vulnerability plays a huge role in the chosen party of cyber bullying. This phenomenon is closely related to some considering suicide and as the abuse continues teens feel lost isolated and depressed which can lead to thoughts of not wanting to be here anymore. Therefore, it is important not to visit or pay any attention to any website that is negative, promoting any cyber bullying or any website where cyber bullying is practiced.

Dissecting the problems of cyber bullying can indeed be complicated. However, many websites online chooses the role of simply interviewing teenagers. They ask questions and make them fill out surveys. Then theses specific studies are examined, research, and analyzed. It is important to understand why something happens rather than trying to tackle the problem blindly.

In 2014 it is proven that websites have truly captured real live data with numbers and percentages of why cyber bullying continues to exist. As mentioned earlier cyber bully can lead to thoughts of suicide but also to most of the psychological and emotional problems such as frustration, anger, trust issues, and low self morale. Cyber bully is closely related to the performance of teenagers academically in school, overall home life behavior, and potential substance-abuse if not already started. Teenagers that engage in substance abuse clearly are calling out for help but just don’t know where to turn to do drugs seem to be the only outlet.

Cyber bullying leads to physical incidents which lead to many kids down a spiral path of destruction. Some will incur severe punishment for their actions. As cyber bullying continues to become a phenomenon it is important that both parents and teenagers have a great open line of communication. Teenagers need to feel that they are not alone and have access to all the tools necessary for their overall well-being. Parents need to take inventory of their friends and who they are spending their time with outside of the home. Cyber bullying awareness is important to not only victims but to those on the outside that may not be affected. If you or your children are not affected by cyber bullying you have more time to help thoses in need that are going thru this abuse.

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Private entertainment to you room, Private entertainment to you room
Private entertainment to you room Vegas strippers to you room, Vegas strippers to you room, Vegas strippers to you room

Perhaps you want Vegas strippers to your room without clothing on when they arrive to show off just for you. Could it be that you were enticed by advertisements for private entertainment along the Vegas strip in Nevada, and got excited when you saw that this is exactly what you desired when traveling to Vegas?

Well, it is very important to be cautious because you do not know what you could be getting into by letting any chick from anywhere into your hotel room. She could be dangerous in any way, shape or form. Be safe by going online and checking out the businesses that can accommodate you. Don’t be left a victim who was robbed, beat up or worse.

In fact, ask the hotel for suggestions or brochures they may provide with honest ads for Las Vegas escorts. It is not a must that women have to come to you for a personal, private time. There are many strip clubs all along the Las Vegas strip, and some have specific areas for your privacy. Billboards in Vegas are splattered with sex and nudity atop the foods ads or other signs.

If it is Vegas strippers to your room that you decide upon because you do not want to get dressed up to go out, then you will be able to find women who will come to your room. Actually, if you are a woman, you can certainly find male dancers to come to your room to perform for you as well. If you go that route, please take caution. Always watch your drink wherever you are in the Vegas area businesses or in your hotel room.

That being said, the sex industry is what it is in Vegas, which is open, bold and the “norm” for there. Money is made by escorts and such, and it is not a big deal. Las Vegas would not be the sin city that it is if sex did not keep it rich and exciting, supporting the famous casino-lined strip with fantasy and pleasure.

Interestingly, the difference between a prostitute and an escort is that the sporting lady will have sex and leave with her money, and the escort will stay with you as a friend who can go out on the town to take you site-seeing. This is why it is important to know what you want, what you are willing to pay, and what you will not do. These gals can make their luxury income with someone else easily, so decide ahead.

What is more, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, but that will not stop many scammers from trying to make more money from you. Once they have given a lap dance or more to get you all hot and bothered so you will not be able to resist, they push relentlessly. Don’t get scammed by choosing wisely before you make a date.

Las Vegas escorts may make $10,000 a night if she is just there, hardly doing anything. Or she could make that same amount the first ten minutes, and have more handed to her every hour she is just there. They can make $10,000 to $500,000 per year, but some make $300000 or under.

By all means, both women and men can be rich and live a life of luxury as Las Vegas escorts or private entertainers. Stripping in Vegas in the club shows make for a wealthy worker, as they can make more one night than some private strippers make in a month.

Also, you can get professional, private entertainment to your room that will do exactly what they are supposed to do, and not any pushy sales tactics. For instance, you can get two gals up to your room for a little show, for perhaps a bachelor party, going away party, birthday party or whatever kind you want. They do their show, you take care of them and they are gone. Or you may want a solo lapdance show for hours, a massage or something similar. About any request will be taken, all you must do is ask.

Why do you think that so many nightlife lovers come to Las Vegas? It is a spectacular city that really comes to life at night, and there is no stopping the excitement that Vegas bursts forth with nightly!

There are a few self-defense moves that every woman should know, so that she can keep herself safe. She might be smaller than the man who is attacking her, but that doesn’t mean that she should just let him get away with anything he wants. She can fight back, and there are a few simple moves that she can make to help her get away from him. If every woman out there could only know these moves, then she would be better off for it. She will feel safe and confident when she knows what she needs to do in the time of an attack.

Reach For The Eyes
When you are being attacked, you should remember to reach for the eyes of your attacker. Try to poke them in the eye. Scratch at them and claw at them. Elbow them in the face if you can. Do what you can to keep them from seeing, so that they will be distracted, even if only momentarily. Their eyes are sensitive, and if you can scratch them hard enough in the eye you just might be able to get away.

Use Your Feet
Make sure that you are not only using your hands to try and scratch and claw at your attacker, but also use your feet to kick at them. And don’t just kick aimlessly, but aim for their groin area. Aim for anywhere sensitive on their body. Their knee is a great place to aim for, and if you can give them a hard kick in the knee you might make them wince in pain and drop their hold on you. Fight hard, kick hard, and aim for the areas where you know it will cause them the most pain.

Their Neck Is Another Sensitive Spot
If you have long fingernails and can draw some blood, then go for their neck. That is another sensitive spot on their body, and if you can get your fingers dug into their neck you might be able to cause enough pain for them to drop you. Reach for their neck. dig hard and deep and fight them off with all that you have in you.

Stay Confident And Focused
You will need to stay confident while you are fighting off your attacker, so that you can keep up the battle and come out the winner. Stay focused on what you are doing and keep clawing and kicking until you can get away. Aim for their nose if you can’t reach another part of their body and give it everything you’ve got. Kick them in the nose. Elbow them or punch them in the nose. You just might draw some blood that way, and the pain that will be caused by you doing that will allow them to become distracted.

Be Strong
Remember to remain strong and put strength into each punch and kick. Claw away and do everything that you can to get them to let you go. Bite them. Hit them. Go for the sensitive areas and stay focused. Fight hard and don’t give up. You will have a good chance of getting away from your attacker if you can just keep up the fight and kick or claw at them over and over again. Kick them in the knee until they stumble from the pain. Claw at their eyes until they are having a hard time seeing. Fight hard, stay strong, and you will get away.

Every woman should know these self-defense tips and how to get away if an attacker comes after her. She should know what the sensitive areas are on her attacker, so that she can aim for them and not fight without a goal in mind. She should keep up her strength always and work out, so that she will be strong enough to go after her attacker. She should be careful when she is going out and about, too, to keep an attack from happening, but when an attack does happen she should feel fully prepared for it. She should focus on the eyes, nose, neck, knees, and groin area. She should make sure that she has those in mind and focuses all of her strength on hitting, kicking, and clawing at those areas, so that she can break free from the one who has a hold on her. Every woman who memorizes these things and knows just what to do when she is attacked will have a good chance of breaking free from her attacker.

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