There are a few self-defense moves that every woman should know, so that she can keep herself safe. She might be smaller than the man who is attacking her, but that doesn’t mean that she should just let him get away with anything he wants. She can fight back, and there are a few simple moves that she can make to help her get away from him. If every woman out there could only know these moves, then she would be better off for it. She will feel safe and confident when she knows what she needs to do in the time of an attack.

Reach For The Eyes
When you are being attacked, you should remember to reach for the eyes of your attacker. Try to poke them in the eye. Scratch at them and claw at them. Elbow them in the face if you can. Do what you can to keep them from seeing, so that they will be distracted, even if only momentarily. Their eyes are sensitive, and if you can scratch them hard enough in the eye you just might be able to get away.

Use Your Feet
Make sure that you are not only using your hands to try and scratch and claw at your attacker, but also use your feet to kick at them. And don’t just kick aimlessly, but aim for their groin area. Aim for anywhere sensitive on their body. Their knee is a great place to aim for, and if you can give them a hard kick in the knee you might make them wince in pain and drop their hold on you. Fight hard, kick hard, and aim for the areas where you know it will cause them the most pain.

Their Neck Is Another Sensitive Spot
If you have long fingernails and can draw some blood, then go for their neck. That is another sensitive spot on their body, and if you can get your fingers dug into their neck you might be able to cause enough pain for them to drop you. Reach for their neck. dig hard and deep and fight them off with all that you have in you.

Stay Confident And Focused
You will need to stay confident while you are fighting off your attacker, so that you can keep up the battle and come out the winner. Stay focused on what you are doing and keep clawing and kicking until you can get away. Aim for their nose if you can’t reach another part of their body and give it everything you’ve got. Kick them in the nose. Elbow them or punch them in the nose. You just might draw some blood that way, and the pain that will be caused by you doing that will allow them to become distracted.

Be Strong
Remember to remain strong and put strength into each punch and kick. Claw away and do everything that you can to get them to let you go. Bite them. Hit them. Go for the sensitive areas and stay focused. Fight hard and don’t give up. You will have a good chance of getting away from your attacker if you can just keep up the fight and kick or claw at them over and over again. Kick them in the knee until they stumble from the pain. Claw at their eyes until they are having a hard time seeing. Fight hard, stay strong, and you will get away.

Every woman should know these self-defense tips and how to get away if an attacker comes after her. She should know what the sensitive areas are on her attacker, so that she can aim for them and not fight without a goal in mind. She should keep up her strength always and work out, so that she will be strong enough to go after her attacker. She should be careful when she is going out and about, too, to keep an attack from happening, but when an attack does happen she should feel fully prepared for it. She should focus on the eyes, nose, neck, knees, and groin area. She should make sure that she has those in mind and focuses all of her strength on hitting, kicking, and clawing at those areas, so that she can break free from the one who has a hold on her. Every woman who memorizes these things and knows just what to do when she is attacked will have a good chance of breaking free from her attacker.

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