Many of us remember what it was like as a kid when other kids would bully us. The Internet has truly become a place where cyber bullying has become a huge wake up call. Just like when we see something that is wrong someone immediately reports it. It is important that we do something as soon as we become aware of any type of cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying has truly become a huge global movement that consist of many people that have taken it in their own hands to make a positive change in any capacity that they can. Unfortunately, there is a trend that is going on with kids that have been bullied once it usually happens to them a second time. Positive and negative things happen all the time to all of us. However, for kids the negativity that goes on during social media is growing at an exponential rate.

Facebook feeds should always promote a positive vibe and ever since social media came into existence the Internet has indeed given a platform for the most common form of communication. As we all use our cell phones daily statistics have shown that 80% of teenagers use their cell phone on a daily basis throughout the day and night. If you ever happen to have the opportunity to sit down with a teenager and ask them do they think cyber bullying is a nationwide epidemic they most certainly will tell you yes. Teens understand the damage that it causes to self-esteem, moral, and also how other teens treat each other. Back in the day in person bullying was the thing young people were engaging in but now it has turned it’s back on that and strictly preferred to bully online.

Although person to person bullying still exists, cyber bullying still comes out on top. When dealing with cyber bullying it is important that we do not ignore it. If we see or allow our teens to engage in this type of behavior we are only feeding the bad behavior. One who falls victim to this type of negative treatment needs to trust a person if they are going to report it to them.

We often wonder if girls or boys get hit the most with this behavior. The answer is unfortunately girls as vulnerability plays a huge role in the chosen party of cyber bullying. This phenomenon is closely related to some considering suicide and as the abuse continues teens feel lost isolated and depressed which can lead to thoughts of not wanting to be here anymore. Therefore, it is important not to visit or pay any attention to any website that is negative, promoting any cyber bullying or any website where cyber bullying is practiced.

Dissecting the problems of cyber bullying can indeed be complicated. However, many websites online chooses the role of simply interviewing teenagers. They ask questions and make them fill out surveys. Then theses specific studies are examined, research, and analyzed. It is important to understand why something happens rather than trying to tackle the problem blindly.

In 2014 it is proven that websites have truly captured real live data with numbers and percentages of why cyber bullying continues to exist. As mentioned earlier cyber bully can lead to thoughts of suicide but also to most of the psychological and emotional problems such as frustration, anger, trust issues, and low self morale. Cyber bully is closely related to the performance of teenagers academically in school, overall home life behavior, and potential substance-abuse if not already started. Teenagers that engage in substance abuse clearly are calling out for help but just don’t know where to turn to do drugs seem to be the only outlet.

Cyber bullying leads to physical incidents which lead to many kids down a spiral path of destruction. Some will incur severe punishment for their actions. As cyber bullying continues to become a phenomenon it is important that both parents and teenagers have a great open line of communication. Teenagers need to feel that they are not alone and have access to all the tools necessary for their overall well-being. Parents need to take inventory of their friends and who they are spending their time with outside of the home. Cyber bullying awareness is important to not only victims but to those on the outside that may not be affected. If you or your children are not affected by cyber bullying you have more time to help thoses in need that are going thru this abuse.

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