The days of walking to the store to buy groceries or taking extended trips to the mall to purchase the latest articles of clothing are over. With the internet revolutionizing the very way we we do things, our groceries are delivered right to our door, and our clothes are sent immediately by drones.


From Grumpy Cat, Charlie bit me, to the thousands of memes floating around the internet, Social Media is the platform for individuals to brand themselves. Social Media offers musicians, models, artists, and satirical humored individuals a place to gain exposure through doing what they do best, be themselves.


While social media offers large businesses a chance to promote their business, it also offers sole individuals unfathomable opportunities. People of all trades and skill sets are given a stage where that can display their talents, creativity, and unique sense of humour for the world to see.
Social media offers musicians, writers, book reviewers, fashion forward individuals, new found success, fans, endorsements, and a chance to brand themselves


Social Media is home to people of all interests, and hobbies. Picking the right niche(s) to appeal to is the razors edge, the very key to either earning average sales or tremendous profits.
Punk Rock Fashion? Mystery Books? Or Punk Rock Mystery Fashion? What is your niche? What sets you apart from the crowd?
Just as any person looking to get into the search engine business would have absolutely no chance, since Google and Yahoo! dominate that market, your niche must not be overpopulated, or oversaturated, it must be an untapped market. When choosing a niche you should aim to be at the top 30%.


To create a large demand for your small business, or personal brand, you must appeal to a specific group of people, or niche. A niche is what sets you apart, and draws interest and positive attention to you. In determining your set niche, you must ask yourself, “what are my interests?” “what are my eccentric hobbies?” “what unique items do I collect? “how can I create a unique blend of two or more of your interests and hobbies?
More often, the more unique the niche, the better, so dont be afraid to think outside the box. There is a market for every imaginable niche.


For an upstart mens boutique looking to promote and sell mens health and cosmetic products, an effective approach would be to decide on a target market i.e surban city males in their mid to late 20s looking to attract potential dates. To secure a presence into the market, the boutique owner could send free products to the most credible and most revered mens fashion and health product reviewers on YouTube, Instagram , and other leading social media sites, requesting posts, videos, and positive feedback on their products, which then leads to subscribers and followers purchasing new products.


Giveaways are by far one of the most effective marketing tools. We have all liked that facebook post, or followed that instagram account, as a attempt to win a free giveaway. Free giveaways i.e 1000th follower gets a FREE iPhone, promote draws positive attention, and leads to potential customers.


In case you have no real products to sell, yet have a considerably large following on several social media sites, you have potential to earn a substantial amount of money in assisting other companies sell their products.
You will be surprised to find out that companies and brand are ceaselessly looking for more exposure and are seeking new business, and would eagerly pay affiliates with large social media followings a profitable percentage to promote their products.
Take for example an account with over 15,000 twitter followers decides to become affiliate for a sportswear company. She post a series of tweets as well as an affiliated links to the companies products. Out of her 15,000 followers, 5000 click the link, and 1275 buy a over $30 worth of sportswear products in a span of a month, as part of her affiliate contract, she is entitled to 25% of the profits, which nets her a whopping income of over $9000 in a single month.


Having a lucrative social media account is not by any means a walk in the park. It is a gradual process that requires tremendous effort, persistence, patience, and ceaseless experimenting of ideas, and products. However, once developed a social media marketer can gain unfathomable fame and fortune